BeoLab 90

Vision of Sound

The intelligent loudspeaker

BeoLab 90 contains a multitude of technologies. It's a perfect mix of world-class design and acoustics. This highly intelligent loudspeaker provides you with clarity, range, and a sound staging that is second-to-none. BeoLab 90 features an impressive 360-degree design and a variety of settings to give you mind-blowing sound, regardless of its placement, the room, or your listening position.

The speaker, not the room, defines the sound

Resonances in your room, and boundary effects from your walls, affect the sound you get from your loudspeakers. BeoLab 90 is fitted with Bang & Olufsen's new Active Room Compensation technology that makes up for the impact of your room, your furniture, the placement of the loudspeakers, and the location of the listening position.
This advanced technology guarantees you get a sensational sound experience, exactly where you want it.

A powerhouse

BeoLab 90 has 18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeaker drivers placed in carefully defined locations and directions to deliver maximum performance in frequency, time and space.
The loudspeaker packs a combination of 14 channels of the latest generation ICEpower amplifiers - a compact and highly efficient platform developed by Bang & Olufsen - and four additional class D amplifiers - all customized for BeoLab 90s specific requirements. In total, the amplifiers can deliver up to 8200 watts per loudspeaker.

Active Room Compensation

This technology secures a uniform sound experience in selected listening positions/zones, in practice by actively adapting the speaker output to compensate for poor room acoustics.

Beam Width Control

Makes it possible to alter the width of the sound beam between 'narrow', 'wide' and 'omni', optimized respectively for ‘sweet spot’ listening, 'large area' listening and '360 degree' listening

Beam Direction Control

A technology that makes it possible to direct the sound beam from the speakers in any given direction.

Analogue (Master speaker)
  • Power Link
  • RCA
  • XLR (fully balanced)
Wireless (Master and Slave speaker)
  • Wireless Power Link (24 bit / 48 kHz)
  • WiSA (24 bit / 96 kHz)
Digital (Master speaker)
  • USB Audio (24 bit / 192 kHz)
  • S/P-DIF (24 bit / 192 kHz)
  • OPTICAL (24 bit / 96 kHz)
Digital (Master and Slave speaker)
  • Digital Power Link (24 bit / 192 kHz)
Speaker Drivers
Tweeter 7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 30 mm
Woofer 3 x Scan-Speak Discovery 212 mm
Midrange 7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 86 mm
Front Woofer 1 x Scan-Speak Revelator 260 mm
Amplifiers (custom designed for beolab 90)
For tweeters 7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X
For woofers 3 x Heliox AM1000-1
For midranges 7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X
For front woofer 1 x Heliox AM1000-1
Digital signal processor
DSP type 2 x Analog Devices ADSP-21489 - 450 MHz
Sampling rate 192 kHz fixed
Designer: Frackenpohl Poulheim
Weight: 137 kg
Type: Sound
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