BeoLab 20

A Digital Wireless Speaker

Sophisticated power, elegant design

BeoLab 20’s powerful and refined performance comes from the active speaker design and the uncompromising engineering of its digital sound engine. The conical shape of the speaker embraces every nuance, clearly reflecting Bang & Olufsen’s eye for form and function.

BeoLab 20 offers Immaculate Wireless Sound for crystal clear, wireless bliss, giving you the freedom to decorate your room as you like – and place BeoLab 20 exactly where you want.

Putting the highs on a pedestal

The crowning glory of BeoLab 20 is the Acoustic Lens. Its 180-degree horizontal dispersion conveys smooth high-frequency sound evenly throughout the room.

The Acoustic Lens maximizes the area of optimum sound in front of the speaker, enabling the listener to move around more freely while still experiencing perfect sound. The technology also minimizes the effect of floor and ceiling reflections, reducing unwanted distortion, thereby improving the overall sound experience.

Discover the improved sense of space and realism that the Acoustic Lens brings to the soundscape – conveying every little detail and nuance in a perfectly balanced, natural manner.

Creating the perfect lows

Fitted inside BeoLab 20’s 18 litre enclosure, the woofer’s two, 160 Watt Class D amplifiers and generous 10” unit guarantee precise and powerful low frequencies.

To deliver ultra-high-intensity bass without risking woofer damage when playing at full volume, Bang & Olufsen’s Adaptive Bass Linearisation constantly monitors and adapts the lows. For maximum placement flexibility, the speaker can be optimised to its immediate surroundings via a manual position switch, activating Bang & Olufsen’s innovative room adaptation technology.

  • Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL)
  • Free/Wall/Corner switch
  • Thermal protection
  • Line sense - auto on /off
Dimensions H 82.0 x W 39.3 x D 30.4 cm
Weight 18 kg
  • Cabinet: Composite material
  • Cover: Fabric
Colours Black, White
Power consumption
  • Typical: 30 W
  • Standby: 0.4 W
Frequency area 19,5 Hz to 23,6 KHz
Acoustical principle Closed box
Treble unit 3/4" speaker unit based on the Acoustic Lens
Midrange 5" speaker unit
Bass 10-inch dual coil bass unit
  • Class D amplifiers
  • 1 x 160 watts for treble
  • 1 x 160 watts for midrange
  • 2 x 160 watts for bass
  • 2 x Power Link (RJ45)
  • 1 x RCA (L/R)
  • 1 x TOSLINK
  • in: Sample rate 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 96k / PCM16-24 bit
  • out: Sample rate 48k / PCM 24 bit
  • Wireless (WiSA compliant)
Placement Floor placement only
Designer: Torsten Valeur, David Lewis designers
Dimensions: H 82.0 x W 39.3 x D 30.4 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Colours: Black, white
Type: Sound
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